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Alongside our quality, ready-to-go turf ranges, at Inturf we can also supply you with excellent grass seed products that can create a greener turf for your outdoor space throughout York, Grantham, Pocklington and nationwide. Our Inturf Classic grass seed is the most popular range typically selling in 20 kilo bags, although we can sell in different quantities if you required.  

The grass seed that we supply will not only ensure you’re left with a lawn that looks fantastic, but it can also crowd out weeds – meaning you won’t need to spend as much money on commercial weed killers that aren’t always good for the environment, regular hand weeding is much more efficient and cost effective as well. We also supply seed suitable for all conditions, from the wear and tear of family life to prestigious gardens and commercial landscapes.

At Inturf we carefully select our grass seed mixtures to produce, strong, dense roots which naturally binds our turfgrass together ensuring that we can produce our turf without the requirement for artificial, plastic netting. 

Our grass seed can help to provide a better-coloured grass meaning that the turf uses nitrogen more efficiently, which is better for the environment and means less nitrogen fertiliser needs to be used to keep it looking fantastic. We do recommend slow-release fertilisers that contain less Nitrogen, especially from September through to March. 

At Inturf, we’ve been committed to enhancing the world around us and being environmentally friendly since our inception nearly 40 years ago, and this is something our grass seed solutions perfectly demonstrate.  

Our grass seed has many benefits including better resistance to animal urine, helping to reduce unsightly patches and costly remedies. Note to reduce patches further, neutralise the area effected straight away with a glass of water. It minimises the need for chemical treatments, promoting eco-conscious landscaping. This natural hardiness results in a greener choice for your garden and the environment. It also exhibits exceptional resilience during winter, staying more vibrant and durable in cold temperatures, frost and snow compared with other varieties. With our grass seed, you invest in a lawn designed to endure daily wear, challenging weather and the demands of pet ownership while remaining green, vibrant and with lower maintenance. We do recommend following our recommendations via the ‘turf care’ page of our website. 

Seeding is a vital aftercare and maintenance recommendation for your turf around areas near to tress or shaded lawns that struggle to survive. Regular overseeding is a great idea, inexpensive and will preserve your lawn for longer and keep it in excellent condition. General husbandry of a garden is critical throughout the year and following our turf care advice is necessary. 

To find out more about our grass seed products as well as our other excellent turfing solutions, contact Inturf today. At Inturf, our team of experts has been at the forefront of quality turf development for almost 40 years and are more than happy to help. This includes supplying a wide range of products, like our grass seed, that perfectly complements your lawn. 

For additional information on our products and to view the full range of products we offer then take a read of our Specification Brochure.

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