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Discover the remarkable benefits of RTF (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue) Turf—an exceptional choice for achieving a lush, resilient lawn. Unlike traditional tall fescues, RTF offers unique advantages that result in a healthier, more vibrant turf. With its ability to quickly repair damaged areas and resist common issues like weed growth, RTF Turf stands out as a practical and effective solution for those seeking low-maintenance, high-quality grass. 

What sets RTF Turf apart? RTF Turf is not just any tall fescue—it’s the only variety with true rhizomes. These underground stems enable RTF to rapidly repair damaged areas and fill bare spots with new shoots of grass. Unlike traditional tall fescues, RTF reduces the need for frequent overseeding and reduces the formation of unsightly clumps, giving you a consistently beautiful turf. 

Thanks to its extensive root system, RTF has the remarkable ability to draw moisture from deep within the soil. This means less watering for you and greater adaptability to various soil conditions. In fact, studies conducted by New Mexico State University have shown that RTF requires 30% less water than other cool-season grasses while maintaining superior turf quality, even in drought conditions. 

Benefits of RTF Turf: 

  • Self-Repairing Turf – Quickly fills in damaged or open spots with new shoots of grass, reducing the need for overseeding. 
  • High Traffic Tolerance – With its dense turf and strong root system, RTF can withstand heavy foot traffic without sacrificing appearance or health. 
  •  Strong, Deep Root System – Rapid development of deep roots enhances drought tolerance and promotes overall turf resilience. 
  • Grows better in the sun or shade – Whether your lawn is bathed in sunlight or tucked beneath shady trees, RTF performs better than traditional turf, maintaining its rich green colour throughout the spring, summer and autumn. 
  • Excellent Colour and Density – Fine leaves produce a dense, uniform sod with vibrant colour and early spring green-up. 
  • Insect and Disease Resistance – Endophyte-enhanced for improved tolerance against pests, diseases and environmental stressors, reducing the need for chemical treatments. 
  • Environmentally Friendly – By reducing the need for water, chemicals, and fertilisers, RTF Turf promotes eco-friendly lawn care practices. 

With its exceptional resilience, low maintenance requirements and environmental benefits, RTF Turf represents the future of turf management. Experience the difference for yourself and transform any lawn into a lush, vibrant oasis with RTF Turf. 

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