QDo you deliver?

Yes, we deliver nationwide, except Ireland. Please call us for a quotation.

QHow is your turf delivered?

The turf is delivered on a square wooden pallet overnight and is off loaded via tail lift.

QWhen do you deliver?

Tuesday through to Friday.

QWhere can we buy turf?

You can buy turf directly with Inturf or through one of our stockists. Please call us for a list of outlets.

QWhat are your opening times?

Monday to Friday, 8AM until 5PM.

QWhat grade of turf do I need?

In most cases, Inturf Classic is a great choice, however please call us to discuss your application needs.

QHow long does turf last in a roll?

During the summer months (April to September) we recommend laying the turf as soon as it is delivered.

QHow much water does turf need after laying?

Water your turf immediately, both morning and night for an hour. This should be done for 28 days, unless there is significant rainfall.