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For 40 years, the team at Inturf has helped architects and consultants bring their creations to life, transforming sketches and drawings into reality. We have a great relationship with architects and consultants throughout York, Grantham, Pocklington and nationwide, and regularly conduct CPD seminars with the sector, at which we offer advice and recommendations about the best turf to use for their projects.

Every architectural project is different and will require different turfing solutions to match its requirements. With this in mind, we’re home to a whole host of different types of turf and can always supply you with something that perfectly suits your project’s needs. This includes our Classic turf and Masters turf ranges, as well as specific mixes for sports pitches and an enhanced toughness type for areas that receive large footfall or are susceptible to flooding and heavy water.

In addition to this, our selection of TerraCottem products is also perfect for architects and consultants, as they can ensure that the turf used in their project is far more efficient at retaining water and can increase soil fertility to encourage rapid growth.

To find out more about the range of turfing options we offer to architects and consultants, get in touch with Inturf today.

New Product

RTF Turf
RTF Turf

Discover the remarkable benefits of RTF (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue) Turf—an exceptional choice for achieving a lush, resilient lawn. Unlike traditional tall fescues, RTF offers unique advantages that result in a…

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Laying Turf
Classic Turf

Suitable for commercial landscapes, domestic properties, sports pitches and more, the Classic turf range that the team here at Inturf can provide is produced using a unique blend of tetraploid…

Golf Ball On Golf Course
Masters Turf

Made from 100% fescue grass, our Masters turf is perfect for creating stunning versatile lawns, for golf courses, bowling greens, ornamental landscapes and more. As well as being incredibly durable,…

Turf Supplier Edinburgh
Grass Seed

Alongside our quality, ready-to-go turf ranges, at Inturf we can also supply you with excellent grass seed products that can create a greener turf for your outdoor space throughout York,…

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