Successful planting projects can be challenging, especially when faced with poor soils and the effects of climate change. However, with the help of TerraCottem soil conditioner, these challenges can be overcome. TerraCottem is a unique soil conditioning technology that contains a combination of nutritive, growth-stimulating and water-absorbing components. Let’s explore the benefits and see how it can revolutionise your planting endeavours.

Healthier Plants and Increased Yields

TerraCottem soil conditioner stimulates root development and plant growth, even in poor and degraded soils. The synergistic effect of its components provides plants with the necessary nutrients for optimal health and increased productivity. By using TerraCottem, you can expect healthier plants and improved yields, ensuring the success of your planting projects.

Increased Survival Rate

One of the key advantages of TerraCottem is its ability to increase the survival rate of plants. The components in the product create an optimal environment for root growth, allowing plants to establish themselves more effectively. This enhanced root development leads to improved resistance against stress factors, such as drought and diseases, resulting in a higher survival rate for your plants.

Increased Water Retention Capacity

Water scarcity is a significant concern in many regions, making efficient water usage crucial for successful planting. TerraCottem has excellent water retention properties, reducing water loss through evaporation and maximising water availability to plants. This increased water retention capacity ensures that plants receive the moisture they need to thrive, even in challenging conditions.

Water Savings up to 50%

With TerraCottem soil conditioner, you can achieve significant water savings of up to 50%. By enhancing the water-holding capacity of the soil, it can reduce the frequency and amount of irrigation required. This not only conserves water but also reduces irrigation costs, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution.

Stronger & Deeper Root Development

TerraCottem stimulates the growth of stronger and deeper roots, enabling plants to access nutrients and water more efficiently. Robust root systems contribute to the overall health and stability of plants, enhancing their ability to withstand adverse conditions and promoting long-term growth and vitality.

Faster & Better Plant Establishment

When using the product, you can expect faster and better plant establishment. The carefully balanced components of TerraCottem support the initial growth phase of plants, facilitating quicker root development and ensuring a successful start. This is particularly beneficial for time-sensitive projects and areas with challenging soil conditions.

Higher Resistance to Drought Stress and Diseases

It strengthens plant resilience against drought stress and diseases. The optimal nutrition and root development provided by TerraCottem enable plants to better withstand periods of water scarcity and combat diseases that often arise from weakened or stressed plants. By incorporating TerraCottem into your planting projects, you can ensure greater plant health and longevity.

Enable Plant Growth in Degraded, Saline, or Otherwise Marginal Soils

It’s especially valuable for enabling plant growth in degraded, saline or otherwise marginal soils. By improving the soil structure and nutritional content, TerraCottem transforms inhospitable soils into fertile ground for healthy plant growth. This opens up possibilities for reforestation, land restoration, horticulture, agriculture and various other planting applications.

TerraCottem Application

TerraCottem is a granular product and can be applied using a fertiliser spinner for the following – tree and shrub planting, reforestation and land restoration, flower and shrub beds, roof gardens and lawns, window boxes, hanging baskets and containers, horticulture and agriculture.


TerraCottem soil conditioner offers an innovative solution for successful planting projects, even in the face of poor soils and climate change. Its unique combination of nutritive, growth-stimulating and water-absorbing components provides numerous benefits, including healthier plants, increased survival rates, improved water retention, substantial water savings and enhanced resistance to stress factors.

Whether you’re working on tree and shrub planting, reforestation, horticulture or agriculture, TerraCottem can make a significant difference in achieving optimal plant growth and project success.

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