At Inturf, we pride ourselves on our longstanding tradition of excellence, innovation and dedication in the turf industry. This commitment was prominently showcased in our collaboration with Inscapes for the Parliament Square project. We were entrusted with a mission of great importance: to provide superior turf for a location steeped in history and significance – the Parliament Square Gardens. Leveraging our heritage and expertise, we rose to the occasion, ensuring Parliament Square became a testament to our turf and for all to enjoy the unique garden.  

Project Requirements and Actions 

As one of London’s main tourist attractions the Parliament Square lawn required a meticulous and prestigious finish with the turf and design of the garden. Inscapes called Inturf requiring a thicker cut turf, a technique pioneered by Inturf in the 90’s.  

To fulfil the unique needs for this project we brought into service our super-wide big roll harvester, a marvel from the early 2000s. This machine was instrumental in producing the 40mm thick turf, a format originally birthed from the imaginative minds of our founders on a French turf farm back in 1992. This specially conceived turf was perfect for the assignment, designed to offer instant stability, a critical requirement for high-traffic areas like Parliament Square. 

Inscapes had an unfortunate start with the wettest springs since 1981, adding another layer of complexity to the project. Yet, it was here that our dedication to producing natural and resilient turf truly shined. Undeterred by the weather’s unpredictability, our commitment to an eco-friendly and resilient approach ensured the turf remained in prime condition, ready to withstand the challenges and remain vibrant through the season. 

Once Inscapes had laid the turf the lawn was primarily trimmed using a Husqvarna robotic mower because it clips grass into a nutrient-dense micro mulch. This not only promotes a more robust lawn but also eliminates commercial waste and reduces noise pollution. Additionally, this allowed the on-site staff to allocate more time to other tasks, including the planting of 280 root-balled lavender plants. 

Inturf’s Commitment to Natural Excellence 

The Green Promise: At Inturf, we’re not just about growing turf; we’re about growing it right. Our commitment to the environment means we produce turf without resorting to artificial, plastic netting. It’s turf the way nature intended—robust, pure and eco-friendly. 

Benefits of the Thicker Turf: Besides its aesthetic appeal, our thicker turf is a paragon of resilience. It promises stability, especially during challenging non-growth months, ensuring areas like Parliament Square can withstand the rigors of high footfall and weather changes. 

We see customers requiring a thicker cut turf for areas of high wear and tear such as the goal mouth on a football pitch, shaded areas, parks and pop-up events such as festivals.  

Efficient and Eco-conscious Delivery: The eco-friendly ethos extends to our delivery processes as well. Despite the thicker turf necessitating 11 loads for transport, we partnered with Inscapes to utilise a return load system, prioritising vehicle efficiency and minimising our carbon footprint. 


Our passion and commitment to turf growing saw fruition with this project. The quality of our turf, combined with the expertise with which it was grown and delivered, was instrumental in Inscapes achievement of the BALI National Landscape Award in 2023.  


“In a project of this magnitude, every detail counts. Inturf’s unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and environmental responsibility made all the difference. Their eco-friendly, thicker cut turf was central to our vision and the project’s overarching success.” – Gareth Rees Managing Director at Inscapes 


The Parliament Square project stands as a testament to Inturf’s leadership in the turf industry. Beyond being top turf growers, our environmentally conscious approach ensures we remain the go-to supplier for discerning landscapers like Inscapes. With nature at the heart of what we do, we continue to champion green, sustainable solutions in every project.